It's time to celebrate EARTH, the wild within & around you.

The Wildlove Earth Retreat is hosted in Worcestershire UK. Set amongst acres of untouched landscape you will be guided into a safe space of reconnecting back to your roots, your body, mind and breath.

Enjoy daily yoga practices, meditation, nature walks, philosophy and really embrace time to yourself. Guided by a family of down to earth and loving yoga teachers, this experience is not to be missed!

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This September take time out to enjoy the softness of Autumn, be surrounded and held in a space where you can enjoy the depths of yoga and wellbeing and move into layers that will transform your life.


Our secret glamping retreat site is surrounded by beautiful open fields, orchards and wildflower crops. A place where you can admire the open sky at night, listen and watch the birds and cosy up next to open fires and sleep in the most gorgeous of spaces.


 This is a retreat space held for only 20 participants, guided by a close knit family of experienced teachers. Open to all levels of experience wanting to delve deeper into meditation, yoga philosophy, mindfulness and a conscious physical practice.

Within our little yurt settlement we share our yoga practices and gatherings in a spacious and beautiful setting.

We have a wide open space to practice yoga, (don't worry, we have sheltered space too!). A cosy yurt for evening sound bath's and guided relaxation and gorgeous fully furnished yurts with log burners for a warm and snuggled sleep. 

The site has beautiful shower and toilet facilities, kitchen area, each yurt has cutlery & kettle for the log burner. Hotel laundered bedding, quilts and sheets are all provided so you just turn up and enjoy without having to lug around a sleeping bag!

Over the three days we will explore morning walks and meditation, Pranayama and mindfulness before breakfast, journalling and philosophy, earthing and amazing yoga workshops by experienced and amazing teachers. Community and partner yoga, star gazing and time to relax and enjoy the surroundings!


Bringing together the raw and wild around us within us.

Earth Yurt - 1 double bed sharing & 2 single beds

Water Yurt - 1 double bed & 2 single bed

Fire Yurt - 1 double bed & 2 single beds

Air Yurt - 1 double bed & 2 single beds

Ether Yurt - 1 double bed & 2 single beds

(If you want to come as a group we can accommodate and move beds around so please get in touch with the names of your group and you can have your own Yurt, this is first come first serve).


23-25th September 2022
Early bird - £275 per person (Early bird ends July 13th)
Full price - £325 per person (after July 13th)
£60 + Additional Sunday evening

Open to all, adults only.


  •  2 nights accommodation in wildflower fields local to Stourport, Worcestershire.  

  • Shared space within a fully furnished cosy yurt.

  • Healthy and nourishing veggie/vegan meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  •  Guided meditation, yoga practices. 

  • Special workshops & earth immersions.

  • Teacher - student support, personal oracle & tarot readings.

  • Beautiful toilet & shower facilities.

  • Onsite carpark and security for overnight staying.

Meet the Earth Team.

A handpicked family that are based in many different backgrounds of movement and philosophy. Each bringing diversity, creativity and a spectrum of fun and laughter. A team who will inspire you, uplift you, support you wholeheartedly.

Friday - Arrival 11am onwards
Saturday - 9am-9pm
Sunday - Closing circle 5pm

Secret extra night -
+ Extra stay Sunday night and enjoy free time and extra practices on Monday! (Additional cost for Sunday evening). 



Enjoy a variety of classes hosted by the Earth Family.

Take part in any classes you wish to.

Homemade Vegetarian/Vegan meals.

Down time to just be you, you are on your own watch at the Earth Retreat.

Spend time connecting to like minded souls.



Celebrating nature it's time to get back to our roots. 

Morning meditation.
Mindful breakfast.

Walking the forest.

Yoga practices.


Self Care.

Philosophy & Talks.




Fill yourself up, get grounded and embrace freedom.


Enjoy a cosy fully furnished yurt, share with 2 or 3 friends.

4 beds per yurt.

If booking with a group of friends please get in touch before booking as we can arrange beds and single payment.