Offerings - Face Yoga & Pranayama

Ruth will be opening our mornings with gentle self care practices. Upon waking we enjoy face yoga, a perfect way to rest and restore the face, head and neck area. Learn techniques to add to your skincare routine including face massage, facial exercises and acupressure points. 

Guided breathing techniques will soothe the inner body and bring a slow and welcome awakening to the day. 


My yoga teaching journey started with attending classes with Victoria and from there the rest is history! I am a qualified Physiotherapist but felt that solely working in this role didn’t provide me with enough tools to aid emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I then started to explore my own yoga practice further and decided I wanted to teach. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Core Revolution Training, and qualified in Core Strength Vinyasa yoga (CSV). CSV yoga principles are based around the physical deep core line and activating core muscles for stability and strength. It is also focused around activating our inner strength -physically as well as emotionally. I love combining my understanding of the human body and anatomy with teaching this fluid, free style of yoga. I teach face to face classes locally in Kidderminster and have online classes with students from all over the country! I am also qualified in Pregnancy Yoga, Restorative Yoga and meditation, and Yin yoga. I also enjoy learning and sharing face yoga techniques too. Come and join me for classes as we enjoy this wonderful retreat together!

I have always enjoyed exercise including walking, running and going to the gym but my love for yoga started back in my teenage years and has stuck with me. I have worked as a physiotherapist in the NHS for the past ten years and now work in private practice within the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Because of this, I understand the importance and benefits of any exercise. Teaching exercise and motivating people to feel the benefit of exercise is where my journey to becoming a yoga teacher started. 

What I love about yoga, is that you do not need much (or any!) equipment, and very little experience to be able to start practising. My passion is to inspire complete beginners to try yoga - I promise you will not look back. 


Yoga encourages you to breathe, physically and spiritually, to take time out of your busy life, to find some stillness. From this stillness grows confidence, energy and gratitude. 

The road of yoga is endless - I value each and every person who joins my class.

Thank you in advance and  I look forward to meeting you!