Offerings - Ayurvedic Ojas practice.

Sarah will be guiding us through a beautiful practice inspired by Ayurveda, Opening with a meditation to connect us to our heart’s wisdom, our truest longings, our deepest desires. The art of setting an intention revealed to you by somewhere besides the mind. Dropping down into our body and heart to feel into it’s messages of wants, needs and hopes. A delicate place of listening. Allowing your intention to then guide the way you move through the practice: do you need more strength, push, heat or do you require a soft, gentle and cooling practice? The class will go through a creative flow that will act as a framework for you to practice in your chosen way. Ojas is a Ayurvedic term to describe our vigour, immunity and happiness. A subtle honey like substance that give us lustre, vitality and strength. When we can practice listening to what our heart and body needs, we tap into our reservoir of Ojas nectar to revealing a glow of radiance and joy.


The face, personality and spirit behind Blossom Well-being

Sarah has been a dedicated and humbled student of Yoga for over 10 years and has invested in over 1,000 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training. With specific specialist training in Pranayama (The Yogic practice of guiding the breath and influencing our energy) as well as,  Ayurvedic lifestyle (The Ancient Indian, yet timeless ‘science of life’). She considers herself a continual student of life who loves learning, this love of learning spills over into her devotion to find ways to help others the best she can. 

In her previous life, before she began teaching Yoga and Wellbeing. She was a creative who exhibited around Wales, with a first Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. She went onto complete a Post-graduate Degree in Adult Education. Throughout this period Meditation was a big aspect of her life and it was weaved through her artwork, social circles, classrooms and lecture halls. It became her daily remedy that helped her find balance and calm.

Sarah teaches what she teaches because, she knows first-hand how much growth and potential we can access through these practices . Passionate about sharing what has helped her, in the hope it will help others: Time to be still , to S.L.O.W down, regulate the breath, soothe the nervous system, connect to the sacred  ( be it nature or another personal relationship to something bigger) to feel cared for, to reclaim personal power and to feel spacious.  She has been on her own healing journey and continues to navigate it. However, she does not want to base Blossom Well-being’s connection to its community on specific pain points and health issues. She would rather we base our connection on the shared longing to feel at ease in ourselves, rooted in the truest sense of health and wellbeing possible for us. 


Her teaching style, just as everything does, continues to grow organically. You can expect an inclusive space, with invitation to practice in a way that feels appropriate for your body, mind and energy levels. Empowering you to feel and listen into your body with no hard and fast rules on how you should look on your mat or in your life. Sarah brings a light-hearted approach, where you can cultivate a sense of curiosity and wholehearted patients towards yourselves. Leaving you feeling connected, calm and nurtured.

Outside of her teaching, studying and coaching she loves cooking and creating recipes for nutritious and delicious meals. A bit of a experimenter in the kitchen and a huge foodie! She loves getting outdoors and being in nature as much as she can, always inspired by the beauty and pure wisdom nature can show us through its harmonious cycles and rhythms. She hopes to get more involved in wild swimming this year as well as grow more veg in her little garden.