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Deep Release Yoga & MyoFascia (Monthly)

A monthly immersion into deep release for the body & mind.

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This is by far one of the most profound practices! Enjoy intuitive flowing movements and postures, fascial release with self massage and delicious yin postures to stretch and relax the whole body. Our bodies hold tension, physically & emotionally. From the body holding its posture from day to day, injuries, imbalance, muscle weakness/tightness and habitual patterns we can feel achey, tired and sometime clunky in our bodies. This delicious practice releases the whole body. We move with fluid movements, small, slow to warm the body through. We then use a ball or hands to massage, spread and manipulate the fascia (our inner spider web like fabric). After rolling, massaging we arrange ourselves into our Yin posture, using cushions and all things supportive to settle in for 2-5 minutes. + Reduces stress & anxiety + Improves circulation + Aids sleep + Calms the mind + Improves range of movement + Increases flexibility + Aids in rehabilitating injuries + Perfect if you are TIGHT, STRESSED & NEED A BREAK! What is Myofascial release? Fascia is a fabric like web that surrounds and supports muscles, organs, bones and nerve fibers. It interweaves itself within the WHOLE body. This connective tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up. It’s designed to stretch as you move and if we are doing repetitive movements that over work an area of the body, when we become sedentary and if we experience trauma like an injury/surgery even emotional this will cause the fascia to tighten around muscles, which can then limit mobility and cause painful knots, aches and tightness to develop. Within this class we learn techniques to release fascia, loosing and lubricating tight and tender spots. You will leave practice lighter, more spacious, the body will feel easier to move, calmer and more fluid. Opening the physical body unlocks the mind, hand in hand they are connected, a stressful mind = tight and stressed body. As you learn to release the physical body the mind relaxes too! MONTHLY TUESDAY 8.00-9.00pm This class will run MONTHLY - Online & In person (In person currently on hold until I find a suitable venue!). What do you need? Yoga mat A ball or TWO (A dog ball or myofascial ball). Bolster or lots of cushions. Cushions. Blanket. A sock (To put the balls together!) If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch! Vx

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ONLINE CLASSES - To cancel or reschedule an online class please log into your account and follow the instructions. There is no charge to reschedule a class, please ensure this is done as soon as possible. If you CANCEL or DO NOT attend the class you will not receive a refund for the session booked. If the class is cancelled our side your booking will be rolled over to any other class. IN PERSON WORKSHOPS - If you have to cancel and cant make it please get in touch as soon as possible there will be flexibility with your booking. If you do not get in touch or turn up you will not be refunded. If the workshop is cancelled our side you will be offered to transfer your booking to any other workshop, or receive a refund.

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The Oaks Village Hall Sam Spencer Court, Harvington, Kidderminster DY10 4NS, UK