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Offerings - Elemental Flow Saturday

Shasha is a senior Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher. Her classes and workshops incorporate energy work, elemental flows and Divine Feminine wisdom. As a medium she works with intuition and facilitates freedom and connection through her teaching. Meditation, Tarot/Oracle and Tea Ceremony are amongst her additional tools of choice in bringing the magic to her Yoga Rituals. You will arrive curious and depart enchanted and enriched 


I started working with elemental energies in 2017. I was researching and experimenting with shamanic practices, and seeing how intention could affect things like the weather. 


As a yoga teacher I of course started to apply this to the microcosmic layers of our physical and energetic bodies through practice. Over time I developed Earth, Water, Fire and Air practices like many other practitioners before me, and began to weave them into my classes. 


In this way through breath, movement, mantra and intention we can affect and curate the subtle weather systems we carry around with us, as us, every day. Every flow will reference each element, but not necessarily in overt ways. 


The practice can be adapted to stronger or softer postures depending on the needs of the yogis, time of day, phase of the moon and planetary conjunctions. I always say it is not the poses you use but the energy you flow through them that shapes the practice. In this way your downward dog may yield fire while your warriors may be as light and as playful as air. 


On this retreat I will lead a progression of flows that tap into each element in turn. We will end the practice feeling full, balanced and vibrant! I am so looking forward to seeing you all there 

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