Victoria offers classes online and in studio, this is a wonderful opportunity to practice in a way that suits you best. Enjoy the best of both worlds, practicing in your own home when you're feeling a little rushed from work or are practicing out of town and experiencing that little extra push of motivation in a real studio class.


YIN Yoga

Support . Stretch . Sleep

A super relaxing practice that will suit anyone's state of mind. Come and enjoy an hour of postures that will help release physical tension within the body. A guided relaxation will help ease anxieties and set you up for a good nights sleep.


Flow . Release . Relax

Yang & Yin Yoga roughly translates into a half & half class, the first half of the practice is a flow to build heat, strength and condition the body. The second half (even the last 20 minutes) we explore passive poses that stretch the body deeply, aiding in deep relaxation and rest.


Challenge . Strength . Play

If you're one for a challenge and want to feel the burn this class is for you! A playful sequence flow class that just keeps on going and going, and going, and going. 

Working through postures to build strength within the core, the arms & the legs. Allow yourself to feel the benefit of a full body workout and a deeper connection to your will power.


Focus . Precision . Grace

Power Pilates & Express Pilates are fantastic classes to help you build core strength, co-ordination and improve your posture. It's a tough class working on precise movements which we control slowly and mindfully. 

Great for core stability, easing habitual aches and pains, if you need discipline this class will kick your ass!


Energy . Express . Flow

Rise & Shine is an amazing class that will set you up for the weekend and the week ahead! 

We shake off tension & stress, we jump and release and we manifest energy and inner radiance.


If you can only attend one class a week this has got to be the one! There is so much fun to be had!


Class Schedule