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Fern - Delicate Charm Necklace

Fern - Delicate Charm Necklace


A staple piece in the Wildlove Collection, the Fern. Capturing the wilderness around us and reminding us to tred lightly on the earth, bringing a little bit of nature into your life the fern brings calm and clarity.


Pendant: 18K gold plated brass. 15mm.

Chain: 18" gold vermeil trace chain.


*The photos show two seperate necklaces, just to give you an idea of each individuals uniqueness! Upon purchasing your piece is handmade just for you.


Each piece is handmade to the tinest detail and the highest quality. These handmade floral pieces are always mounted on gold vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) or sterling silver.


As each piece is handmade please honour the uniqueness and irregularity of each piece. There will be slight differences between each piece, small bubbles, irregular layers. The flowers/teeny details will slightly vary in size, color & shade.

Lets celebrate the beauty of handmade and the uniqueness of nature.

+ All orders are gift wrapped in eco friendly/recycled materials ready for gift giving.


+ All orders are dispatched with Royal Mail 1st class, please allow 3-5days for the order to be created & processed.


+ Custom orders avaliable.

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