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Classes guided from the heart, from hers to yours.

Trust yourself. Let self-awareness be your science. Let self discovery be your research. Let your intuition be your expert. Let your endless curiosity be your teacher. And, above all, find out what makes you smile. That is the most important study you can ever undertake.
- Vironika Tugaleva

Movement, breath, mindfullness.

Yoga is a practice that can bring us back home to ourselves, while we are busy with our lives, responsibilities, ideas & to do lists somehow our health and wellbeing can become very low on the priority list. I truly believe that we can get back on track, thrive and create a life we want if its initiated from a spark of self belief & a little curiosity. 

If you are into movement practices, dance, strength training, cardio, flexibility, philosophy, self development, meditation, or spirituality this is a place for you. No matter your ability, age or goals yoga can improve your life.

Wildlove not only encourages your practice to come from the heart and a true sense of self it becomes a sacred space in which you realise that everything you ever needed, was within yourself, you just needed to be nudged in the right direction.


Practices for your body & mind

With over 10 years of teaching, Victoria's style of teaching isn't quite like anything you would have experienced before, here you can find out a little more about whats on offer.



Yoga is a practice that opens the body through postures that stretch and strengthen different muscle groups, as well as a physical practice you will soon find that its also an energetic practice weaved with philosophy that not only opens you body but your mind too.

sound healing


Sound healing is a profound healing practice what works with the brain waves, vibrations from the instruments played bring the body & mind into the deepest state of rest, the place where the body can naturally heal itself.



Pilates is a core based practice that is low impact, incredibly precise & focused. It is one of the best ways to build strength & tone within the whole body. Its suitable for all and can be the best practice to aid in poor posture, relieving aches & pains & strengthening the core!



Classes for every, body.

Self care is a journey can start at any time in your life, classes are designed with every ability in mind, yoga isn't all about creating postures with the body. Its about moving in a way that suits your body within that very moment.


Be here now

From the very first class to each one you attend after that you will see the emphasis on being present, it doesn't matter if your mind is busy, or your body doesn't want to do something, being present is what pulls us out of a busy mind and back into our bodies. Exactly where life exists.


Your body, your practice.

This is huge foundation for Victoria's teachings, no matter how many people are within the session its as if she speaks to you on a personal level. Postures are all layered to suit everyone's ability & needs with a playful encouragement.


500 hr Kundalini Tantra Yoga Philosophy & Asana

300 hr Yoga Foundations

300hr Pilates - Traditional Pilates

Posture Adjustments & Alignment with David Garrigues

40hrs Yin Yoga

Mindfulness Meditation Immersion

Level 4 Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

40 hrs Yin & Myofascial Release

Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy & Sound Healing

Facial Multireflex Dien Chan

ETF & TFT Therapy


Book a class

Youre welcome to join a class or workshop anytime, no member ship is needed, drop in classes can be paid on the day. Workshops need to be booked in advance.

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