What Is A Sound Bath?

Hello beautiful friends,

To be soothed by sound is the most beautiful thing. Have you ever felt the emotion and goosebumps from classical music? Noticed the imagination wander when listening to your favourite pieces of music? Truly felt the effect that music has on your body, we can dance, cry, smile, stomp and feel all sorts of emotions when listening to music.

So what is a sound bath? Is it music?

A sound bath isn't music, there may be a melody on a certain instrument, there may be a drum in part of the practice but it isn't a specific song or concert. It's a practice in which participants enjoy resting while being immersed in sound. Hence why it's called a sound bath, like immersing the body in water.

Sound baths can be a few instruments or many, they allow us to unravel the mind, release physical and mental tensions.

The practice of a sound bath is restful and not a physical practice with movement. We settle into a comfortable position (normally lying down), supported by cushions and blankets as if getting cosy for a goodnights sleep! Once we are comfortable you are guided into a deep relaxation, sometimes this is a body scan, it could be a visualisation, it could be a meditation with an intention or influences of yoga philosophy.

Within or after the guided relaxation you will hear sounds, this may be singing bowls or something to help the mind relax and find a sense of calm. This will then lead into a soundscape with varying instruments that literally bathe the body and mind in sound waves, the sound waves help to move the brain waves through different stages, much like our sleep cycles, so its very normal for us to feel as though we are falling asleep, aware and awake, dreaming and finding complete stillness and peace.