Free spirited yoga and Pilates classes based in Worcestershire. Down to earth. Real. Spacious. Grounding. Come and ignite your inner wild.

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Welcome to Wildlove! A place that invites you to connect to your body and mind, through movement and mindfulness. 


Victoria’s energy is playful, energetic, spontaneous and care free, spending time with her gives you a sense of freedom. Her down to earth personality allows you to instantly connect with your body and mind. Here you can gain an understanding into Yoga & Buddhist philosophy in the simplest ways, explore a yoga practice that is versatile and always evolving.

Victoria is a qualified 200hr Kundalini Tantra Teacher with a 500hr teaching Yoga Diploma, Yin Yoga & Mindfulness qualified, Level 3 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist, Dance Lecturer, 200hr Pilates Instructor. NBF Alpine Yoga Instructor (Bavaria). 

Victoria is based in Worcestershire England, teaching predominantly in Kidderminster, Stourport & Bewdley. With over 8 years experience and a huge passion for body and mind connection within each class you will see the spark, the love & the passion she carries for what she does. 

Victoria offers a spirited exploration into the movement of the body and the power of the mind. Classes offer a deep physical practice, that can be playful and really tune you back into yourself. From setting intentions to yogic philosophy you will leave classes with a new curiosity for life.


The explorations within the body also help you have an understanding of the world around you, with practices based around movement, the language used can often be visualisations helping you to easier understand your human nature, our instincts, our behaviors and emotions. In turn with more awareness you can create a well rounded, open, honest, connected and fulfilled life.

Nature plays the largest role within Victoria's life, the unknown, the adventure and the spontaneity, the interconnectedness of the world. We are so delicate and minute in comparison, to feel at one with nature allows you to be yourself, surrounded and supported by the vast landscape.

When Victoria isn't doing Yoga she's very often out exploring with no destination.

In each class she encourages and motivates students to enjoy their own time and space and learn to honour their individual practice. Classes are open to all levels, honouring you as you are and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.



Pilates 12.10-1.10pm (Studio)
Gentle Flow Yoga 1.15-2.15pm (Studio)
🌿 Yin/Relaxation Yoga 8.15-9.15pm (Online)
Pilates Intermediate 1.30-2.30pm (Studio)
Relaxation Yoga 2.45-3.45 (Studio)
🌿Power Flow Yoga 8.00-9.00pm (Online)
Wild Power Yoga 8.15-9.15pm (Studio)
🌿Pilates 7.00-7.45pm (Online)

Power Pilates 8.00-9.00pm (Studio)


Yoga For All 11.30-12.30pm (Studio)

Power Yoga 7.30-8.30pm (Studio)

Yin & Yoga Nidra 9.00-10.00pm (Monthly)

🌿Rise & Shine Yoga 9.00-10.00am (Online)
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