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Full Moon in Leo - January 2023

This year i'll be sharing Rebecca's astrology insights on my blog, to keep us all in check and to also offer to share her wisdom here at Wildlove, we are all one big happy family after all! We will be sharing monthly in person workshops (Nurture & Nourish) where we will share a practice working with the moon phases/planets that time of year. Enjoy a themed yoga practice with immersive personal sound healing with tibetan moon bowls, tuning forks and shamanic drum. Upon resting you will be wrapped tightly and sent off to deep relaxation with head massage & essential oil scents wisping in the air.

Rebecca shares such wonderful insights for the moon phases, her knowledge and down to earth sharings can be helpful any time of the year...

January 25th 2024 - Full Moon in Leo -

There is a sound of a roar building in the air as lunar prepares to illuminate the sky with her full wolf moon face this evening. Full moon’s are a time for culmination and release. An opportunity to celebrate and see what might be brought into her light to be seen.

Lady lunar will sit at 5* of the sign of the lioness. A place of creativity and heart centered love. Leo reminds us of our inner child, opportunities to play and a deep sense of gratitude for life. She is our authenticity and our sovereignty. What can you release that allows you to find your connection back to your creative essence and zest for life? This lunar moon brings a potential for transformation in her light. She is the goddess Sekhmet from the Egyptian lineage and holds a power that can destroy the enemy to enable healing.

At this Lunar phase, she who is the silvery sphere will oppose Sol (our sun star) and Pluto in the beginning degrees of the water bearer who is Aquarius.

We already know the significance of the movements of the planetary bodies into this age of evolution and it feels as if this shift is packing quite a punch for us all. Pluto is reshaping, re-imagining and revolutionizing the world in which we live and this work is all part of the universal transformation. On the axis of Leo and Aquarius we learn the importance of the balance between the heart and the mind. We have to feel what we think in order to make manifest.

At this time, Lunar is also sitting in a square formation to Jupiter at 6*Taurus suggesting that her light will expand anything it touches. This may be on a collective level surrounding Earth as a whole. Or this may be more personal, highlighting individual values and beliefs, and/or finances. On a positive note, Jupiter is trine to both Mercury and Mars during this lunation, which can bring real expansion of thoughts and ideas. Outside of the box, but structured ideas that will make solid difference to whatever you put your mind to now.

So connect with that creative source within and trust the process. As long as you approach life through the lens of love and an authentic sense of self, you can wear your crown with grace. Let go of anything preventing you from being true.

Crystals that support this energy include, Citrine, Carnelian and Fire quartz. Colours that bring this energy to life are white, gold, bronze, orange and light pink.

To embody this energy consider the breath of love. Taking deep breaths directly into the heart space and visualising heart expansion. As you do this exercise think about what you are grateful for.

To understand how this energy will impact you personally, look at your natal/birth chart and house in which lunar is shining now. This will enable you to see what area of life is under the influence of this full moon energy. It is also helpful to see if you have any further natal planetary bodies or angles within closeness to Lunar, as this will bring a deeper meaning for you.

As always I am open to supporting anyone that wishes to dive deeper into the meaning and significance of the story in the stella stars and ask you to please reach out should you feel called to.

Sending you blessings and well wishes for this full moon in Leo.

Rebecca Starfire Fae Spirit Priestess xxx



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