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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Hello my wildlings,

Im just sharing an update with for upcoming classes over the next few weeks, Over the weekend my brother was in a motorbike accident so life is turned upside down and I have been the 'fountain of wisdom' (my dad said) since. I have been supporting my parents, brothers wife and children and of course doing anything I can possibly do to help them while my brother is in hospital.

I have taken online classes off the timetable for the moment until things settle. Hopefully by the beginning of July they can resume. I'll keep you updated as often as I can but need this time to have his children, visit the hospital and support my family. I feel grateful that I have this opportunity and freedom to move things around and appreciate your understanding and patience.

This weekends classes are running as normal:

Outdoor Yoga at Bodenham Arboretum - 11.00-12.30pm

Summer Nourish Yoga & Sound Bath - 6.00-8.00pm


We were supposed to be going away next week for a cycle trip but I have cancelled as want to be close to family. Im teaching my studio classes as normal next week but taking Monday 20th OFF for some recuperation time. Xx

It's time to enjoy a little down time. Enjoy a soothing and heart opening yoga practice to uplift and fill yourself up with summer sun! Come and join me for a beautiful summer inspired yoga & sound bath session. With the summer sun shining through our inner fire sparks more vibrance and energy, we feel motivated, happy and light on our feet! Our yoga practice will be inspired by the light feathers and wings of the summer birds, moving through postures in a way that is fluid and seamless, we weave, we sway and we open our arms and heart to connect to the heart chakra. Enjoy a practice that will ease upper body tensions, allowing any heavy load (physical or emotional) to slip off the shoulders.

+ Enjoy a slow & gentle flow opening the arms, shoulders, heart & upper body.

+ Myofascial Release for the hands and neck.

+ Guided meditation & visualisation.

+ Deep relaxation sound bath with crystal singing bowls. chimes, hand pan and other beautiful instruments.

SATURDAY 18th JUNE 6.00-8.00pm £20 per person (NHS discount does not apply)

Please bring:

Yoga Mat

Cushions/Blankets (Single duvets & thick blankets for sound bath).

Comfortable clothes for practice.

The workshops are open to all levels and abilities, with modifications for each posture and the encouragement to do what feels right for you, you are invited to come and unwind.

All sessions are suitable for everyone (ages 16+).


WILD LOVE YOGA at Bodenham Arboretum

You are invited to join Victoria Waits in the beautiful grounds of Bodenham Arboretum for an outdoor yoga practice. Enjoy a slow flowing practice that will build strength and flexibility, release physical and emotional stress.Reconnect to nature, relax and gain a deep inner connection to your body and mind. Learn breathing techniques to calm the mind, enjoy guided meditations and move your body in new ways.You will be guided through the postures with layers and modifications to suit your needs. Come and enjoy a little self care time and unwind with the birds, sunshine and trees. 11.00-1.00pm. Please bring: A yoga mat, comfortable clothing, blanket & pillow. Layers suitable for the weather on that day! Classes are weather permitting and if it's cancelled we offer a rescheduled date or refund. This is a great opportunity to reconnect back to nature, to enjoy socialising with like minded people, move your body and enjoy a little self care time!

To book:

Thank you all so much for your support and understanding.

V x


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