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Daily skincare routine.

What does your daily ritual look like? Whether its a quick 5 minute shower and a scrub of the teeth then out the door, or you have time to spend an hour pampering yourself every evening, what we do to take care of our body speaks volumes. We glow, we have more energy and our bodies thrive!

Here are things that keep me feeling fresh and full of vitality, simple things that can boost your daily routine, something you may have never heard of but I hope it gives you a little inspiration to try something new!

Washable face pads - Not only are they environmentally friendly they're good for your skin, made from bamboo they are perfect for sensitive skin and can have upto 100 uses per pad. A lovely chance to minimise your skincare routine. A gentle cleanser to remove make up and you're clean fresh and ready to go. (Eco pads)

Dry Brushing - One of my favourite things to do in the morning or before a shower! Stroking up the body from the feet towards the heart this practice boosts the blood flow and promotes lymph flow & drainage. Great for exfoliating the skin and giving your skin a lovely natural glow. (I'll be sharing a specific blog post more on this soon!)

Guasha - Ever since beginning Guasha I've noticed a very big difference in my skin. This wonderful 'tool' can often be found in Jade, mine is Rose Quartz because I was draw to this particular one. After washing the face, we apply a little moisturiser and begin to smooth the skin with gentle pressure. Manipulating the muscles and skin, we can increase blood flow, we can lengthen and tighten muscles, we can create vibrance and give our faces the attention that they deserve! We work out our whole body, we strengthen and build muscle to create definition so why can't we do the same with our face?!

Jade Roller - A jade roller has the same benefits of the Guasha, bringing blood flow to the face it can reduce redness and puffiness. Improving collagen production, it can offers skin tightening benefits and calm inflammation. Once you start rolling it can become very therapeutic!

Neti Pot - Here's one that may be unfamiliar, a little teapot? For your nose?! Yes this little neti pot can be great at clearing the sinuses and improves our breathing clarity. The neti pot has been long used in Ayurveda, something that we could practice daily along with our breathing techniques. Keeping the sinuses clear can reduce the chances of getting cold and flu symptoms, allergy flare ups and headaches.

Tongue Scraper - Brushing teeth can be something we do unconsciously, it's a part of our every day routine but did you know you can improve your oral hygiene? Tongue scraping helps remove excess debris on the tongue and can stimulate your taste buds! (Read more)

Oil Pulling - Along side your tooth brushing and tooth scraping this is something that can be done as a part of your oral hygiene, before brushing, after scraping! Oil pulling is fantastic at drawing out toxins and bacteria out of the mouth. You put a tsp of oil in your mouth and swish/gargle it around for 20 minutes. As well as cleaning the teeth and mouth you get a great face yoga workout! Strengthening the cheeks, jaw & tongue! (New blog coming soon!)

Happy essential oil Roller - This happy roller is something I've carried around in my bag for a few years now. It's a lemon scent that uplifts me and just became a familiar smell that made me feel connected and relaxed. I'm not a fan of smells (strange thing to say) Im allergic to perfume, so prefer subtle smells if any at all. (Find your scent!)

Meditation - A big must in my day, usually just before we go to sleep. We now have a routine of both laying on our acupressure mats for 20/30 minutes then meditating after, then straight to sleep! Making time in your day to just sit or lie without ANY distractions, not even music. Pure untouched presence. Meditation helps to calm the mind by allowing it time to process thoughts, it's not that we are empty minded but can recognise what's important and leave what we don't need. I'll be sharing guided meditations very soon so keep in touch and subscribe for updates!

It's been lovely to share a few little tips to help your body and mind glow. Do you have a staple in your everyday routine you can't be without? Have you heard of all of these things above? Would you try something new?

Thank you for spending time,

V x


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