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End Of Year Celebration - Giving to yourself & others!

This will be one of the most special gatherings of 2022, a celebration for the end of the year. Where we can all come together as one and shine our light and energy into the world. Be guided by Victoria through a beautiful wholesome practice of meditation, yoga, mantra and sound healing. Think of it as a gathering to create connections to yourself in the most intuitive way. An opportunity to release and reflect from this year, be guided through intention setting, yoga for unravelling and releasing old habits and pathways. Open your heart and mind to create space and higher potential for the year ahead. Enjoy the power of mantra and explore sound and vibrational healing. Laugh, sway, shake, dance and lets enjoy the end of the year together!

+ Guided meditation to open the practice.

+ Vibrational Healing from Mantra.

+ Playful, grounding & heart opening yoga practice.

+ Release the old to create space for the new.

+ Live sound bath, singing bowls, chimes, gong, drums, a magical unravelling!

+ Reflections of 2022 and intentions for 2023.

Sunday 11th December 6.00-8.30pm

SPECIAL SECRET LOCATION (Bewdley) Location will be shared upon booking.

£20 per person

Open to ALL, children free with paying adult, no experience needed.


The most important thing about this event is that not only are we giving love and kindness to ourselves but we are opening it out into the world. 50% of the takings for the event will be used to buy items to support families and communities around the world. The charity is CHOOSE LOVE, where we gift food, shelter, winter clothing, mental health care, life saving support and can even help to reunite a family in need. Sending our love and support out in the world means everything to me.

Be reminded to celebrate your personal growth this year, as you heal yourself you make a healing impact on the world, we need more people like you! Let's HEAL!

This will be the last event of the year and it would be wonderful to guide you through this last chapter with love and connection in the most incredible space.

V x


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