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Enhance your senses

Happy Wednesday🍂

When you first saw this picture what did your body or mind do? Did your mind register the scent, did your skin feel the mist and cold air? This is mindfulness!

Have you been making the most of your time? By being mindful we can create a deeper connection to our bodies, minds and the beautiful world around us. Next time your out walking why not try a handful of these things... and give yourself a little pat on the back if you're already doing them!

  • Slow down - When you're walking don't just do it to tick it off the list, enjoy and find your own pace. You'll notice different things and your body will relax.

  • Take in the views - Stop as many times as you like to take in the landscape, wether this is a full view across a field, look at the horizon, the trees, the colours. A dense forest look at the lines of the trees, look up and pause to the them sway.

  • Connect to your senses - As you're slowing your pace down begin to notice your sense of smell, the wet leaves, pine trees, dirt. The more we can enhance our senses with smell, touch and taste (I wouldn't recommend tasting anything other than your home snacks while walking!) the more we improve our palate, our quality of life. Did you know by eating bland, junk food or living in a sterile environment you dull down those natural senses.

  • Breathe - Take slow deep breaths, when your pausing to take in the view, when your walking, just feel the air, fresh, cold, damp, and breathe out to relax those shoulders.

  • Listen - Last but not least is listen. Every minute sound, rather than becoming overwhelmed with all the sounds at once, begin to identify each sound, without judgement or expectation. Just notice!

Being mindful when we are walking is a lovely way to get more out of our experience. Why not take time to just sit and listen, watch and feel. Tell me what you like the most about your walking, when was the last time you touched the bark of a tree? Have you admired the colourful large leaves? Have you noticed how amazing your skin feels after a walk?!

Lots of love,

V x


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