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Another FREE class is on the horizon! Bookings are now filling up for next Wednesdays free class, open to you all as a welcome and a thank you for your love and support.

Never tried yoga? Now is your chance! In love with yoga and cant get enough? Get booked in to fill your cup!


I absolutely love the energy we all share in our wonderful classes, come and connect, enjoy something new, create a connection to your body and mind, move and release mid week, share the class with your friends, family and enjoy being a part of the yoga family!

This is a VINYASA FLOW class which means we are always on the move! Moving from one posture to the next we ignite our inner curiosity and we thrive from the unknown! (You all know I like to challenge you!)

Come and build strength, flexibility, balance and focus. A way of giving back to you all for your kindness and support, a way of reaching out to share the love for yoga, let's inspire others to start their own practice!

WEDNESDAY 14TH APRIL 8.00-9.00pm

// These sessions are delivered live, so you can practice from the comfort of your own home.

// The yoga session will be delivered LIVE through your phone or laptop, so set up a suitable space and let's get connected!

// Open to all levels of practitioner, beginners and seasoned ages 16+

// Modifications and adaptations are given for every posture honouring your individuality.

// All you need is the app ZOOM on your device, no sign up fee, just book the class and you're ready to go.

// Any questions feel free to get in touch:

I'll see you soon!

V x


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