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Christmas Sound Baths at Hartlebury Castle


The first of three beautiful sound bath sessions will take place at Hartlebury castle, I want to thank each and everyone of you for being so supportive over these past few weeks since the cancellations of all of the events at Worcester Cathedral, it's been a huge strain on my working and home life as I continued to just 'carry on as normal' despite the mess I was attempting to fix. I am so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel and thank you all for confirming your places and being so understanding with my copious emails to get things straight!

I can finally say I'm just about ready to start enjoying the new dates and venue as I start to put my final touches in place, with new equipment, new gong, new microphones Ill be doing the school run, classes and workshops all the while rehearsing and prepping my body and mind for such a big space, and a big crowd!!

If you still feel called to join me there are spaces left! BE QUICK!!!

Come and be guided into the deepest state of relaxation within the most beautiful venue, Hartlebury Castle. Set within the main hall we are surrounded by high ceilings, history and character, all adored in the spirit of Christmas!

Within this session we enjoy self care practices wrapped up cosy in layers. Enjoy settling into a guided meditation with gentle restorative & yin yoga and immerse yourself into a dreamy sound scape where the body completely relaxes and the mind finds peace. This is a live music set played by Victoria with sound healing instruments compromised or crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, shakers and many more magical sounds. Within the sound session participants will be lay down for the duration, wrapped in blankets, cosy layers to let the brain move through the states of rest and sleep. Hear the sounds wander around the room, with wisps of essential oils in the air.

This is a relaxation session you will never quite be able to describe, come and feel everything relax and release. This is the perfect gift to give, to yourself or a loved one.

To share something so profound in one of the busiest times of year, learn to relax, give yourself permission to pause. Enjoy movement, your way, enjoy resting with support. This is my gift to you, I promise you will absolutely love it!

Sunday 3rd Dec - Hartlebury Castle main hall

Sunday 10th Dec - Hartlebury Castle main hall

Sunday 17th Dec - Hartlebury Castle main hall

6.00-8.00pm £30 per person Booking is essential!

*PLEASE NOTE* Group bookings have been taken off as I need each person to book separately & health declarations for each participant, if you do not fill in the health form your booking will be voided.

The space will be adored with candles, fairy lights and will be the most nourishing cocoon to hold space for your practice. Come and unwind, enjoy something a little different and become more connected to your body and heart than you ever have before.

If you're coming along you will need to bring: Yoga mat or camping mat. Thick Blankets/Sleeping bags Pillows. Cosy warm clothes. A restful heart and open mind.

I cannot wait to see you all!

V x

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