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Give the gift of Yoga

Im so happy to share that the shop is officially open, its been a long time coming and Im slowly in the process of creating while doing everything else. Mindfulness is my life! All the jewellery is handmade, the Mala (meditation) necklaces are one of a kinds and hand knotted with the most gorgeous gemstones. The pendant charm necklaces are sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose gold, unless stated other wise!

Im currently making a variety of bracelets which i'll be listing very soon, keep your eyes peeled! If you feel called to a custom item please get in touch, i'll see what I can do!


Alongside the shop I also offer online gift cards which can be used in the shop to purchase jewellery and to purchase class passes, they can also be used for the video subscription which will be personally made for your gift value! Its super easy to do and wonderful to add a personalised message to whoever you're buying for!

Follow the button below to see more details:


If you would like to personally give a gift voucher they are currently being printed, ill update you with the information as soon as they arrive! x

Have a beautiful day!

V x


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