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It’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Stepping into your full sense of authenticity and awareness can be tricky when we experience the cosmic shifts of life! Mercury retrograde is in full force and we are moving away from the full moon eclipse a few weeks ago. How are you feeling? I have mentioned in classes this week (especially over the weekend) that we might be feeling seriously overwhelmed, overstimulated and down right fired up! The retrograde removes our compassion/respect filter so you may have had a few days of full blown arguments, serious questions about life decisions, things or people from the past reappearing and just that one tiny thing that pushes you over the edge! No matter how uncomfortable this makes us feel in this moment it’s happening for a reason, we have to bring EVERYTHING to the surface to inspect what’s good for us, what’s bad, what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s a great time to withdraw and sit with yourself for a while, if the feelings are powerful try to recognise why they feel so, could you respond in a different way, maybe this time is the opportunity to listen more and take a seat to observe. Everything in life comes to teach us something, we can’t keep moving through life pushing things under the carpet. Stand tall and OWN everything that appears, grow from it, grow into it, move towards the discomfort and become stronger from it. Here I am, positively glowing from a few days of serious retrograde emotions, I haven’t held back with my words, I’ve opened up, I’ve released, I’ve felt deep into myself, I’ve taken time to be with myself. And I know from these moments they are always a step forwards into a more powerful life.

Go climb that mountain. You are STRONG! ⛰⛰⛰


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