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NEWS Last Workshops of the Year - THIS WEEKEND


Ive chosen to run these two end of year workshops and sadly cancel the others. It would be lovely if you could join me for either a morning of Self care and restorative yoga or the end of year Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath session. Let's connect, reflect and take time to heal and rest.

This month Ive been struggling, for the first time in years, mentally and emotionally. Im not coping with teaching and don't feel like myself at all. For my own personal wellbeing Im retracting to heal and being mindful to not overwhelm myself, things take time and as I teach and everyone of you. You have to do what you need to do, you have to feel what arrives, you have to move through it in your own way.

Id love to see you for these last workshops, because as I have offered you my love and guidance over the years, I really need yours right now.


Within this self care workshop we are inspired by Winter. A time to slow down, to connect to our inner calm and nurture ourselves in the colder months of the year. Self care is something within our lives that often gets put to the bottom of the priority pile. We find we get stressed more easily, we get triggered by the tiniest things, our patience becomes less and we then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of fatigue and overwhelm.

Enjoy 2 hours of inspirational teachings with Victoria & Rebecca. Enjoy a deeply restorative yoga practice using cushions and blankets to aid rest. EFT for worry & busy thoughts and self massage to encourage a soft heart. Settle into relaxation wrapped up tightly with weighted props and drift off with a head massage. Be guided to rest and retreat into a space that offers nourishment from the inside out.

Saturday 3rd December 11.00am - 1.00pm

£20 per person.

Within this workshop you will:

+ Enjoy a guided meditation inspired by the winter air, calm cold starry nights, a space of calm and quiet.

+ Be guided through a restorative yoga practice (slow yoga with all the props!) to release physical tension and stress

+ Be guided through EFT & self massage.

+ Snuggle down and be wrapped tightly with weight for a long relaxation and head massage.

+ Take away a handmade self care gift box to inspire your self care this time of year.


Sunday 4th December 6.00-8.00pm - Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath - End of Year.

This practice is the perfect opportunity to recalibrate, to rest and to create more space in your life. This is a monthly immersion to help you settle into a deep state of rest. From busy lives, demanding jobs, to do lists, hectic schedules and a wandering mind its sometimes very difficult for us to switch off and enjoy a little time for ourself. This session offers a journey into releasing physical tension with a gentle and relaxing yoga practice, allowing you to breathe and relax into each posture with the use of props. We then settle for a long relaxation (45 minutes), within the relaxation you rest comfortably and will be guided through a meditation, this could be inspired by the seasons, philosophy, a quote, a visualisation, each practice will be different. Accompanying the guided relaxation will be live sounds, from singing bowls, chimes, drum, rainstick, hand pan, gong and voice this will then lead into a full sound bath experience allowing your body & mind to move through a journey of resting and releasing. This is one of the most profound practices you will ever experience and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Benefits of this practice are:

+ A calmer and clearer mind.

+ Decreased stress levels.

+ Increased mobility & flexibility.

+ Improved posture.

+ Reduced stress & anxiety.

+ Increased lung capacity & circulation.

+ Improved cognition and body awareness.

+ Aids deep sleep.


Thank you for your understanding, it means everything.

V x


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