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Outdoor family yoga this Easter!

It's almost time for us to enjoy our family yoga sessions at Arley Arboretum! We kick start the school holiday sessions next Wednesday 3rd April. The perfect mid week playtime that breaks up the school holidays and gives you a chance to not only enjoy an activity as a family but make the most of outdoor time. Come and enjoy a family yoga session through the school holidays with Victoria and her son Gus. We are very excited to share creative yoga sessions that spark imagination, connect us with nature and help us become more mindful. These sessions are designed to help families bond, be playful and increase physical health and gross motor skills. Sessions are held in the Arboretum grounds just a walk through the Italian gardens, be surrounded by beautiful tree's and flowers. You can expect: Themed yoga inspired by nature. Mindfulness techniques with props. Partner poses with parent/guardian. Enjoy spending time with your children doing something a little different. Be creative with sequences, balances and working together as a family. These sessions are designed with the children in mind, we encourage independence allowing the children to speak and express their ideas and creativity. We work as a group, with out personal group & individually! Come & have fun and learn tools and techniques for a calmer and more connected life.

Price: Adult +1 Child £12 Additional Children: £2

ARLEY ARBORETUM Lion Ln, Arley, Bewdley DY12 1SQ

Dates for sessions:

3rd April

29th May

24th July

7th Aug

Time: 10.00am-11.00am

This price and booking is for the yoga session only. For admittance to the Arboretum you pay extra at the ticket office. The cafe area is free to wander, why not enjoy lunch after the session?!

Ages 3+ All children MUST be supervised by attending adult. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, cushion & comfortable clothing! (If your child has a teddy/comfort toy please bring it along).

We look forward to seeing you!

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