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Porridge for glowing skin.

The first things you do for yourself in the morning set you up for the day, this means the food you eat, the FIRST thing you do when you wake up and the pace you're in. Same goes for just before you sleep, ever wondered why you can't nod off or you're worried about something before you sleep and you wake up still worried about it?

When the body wakes in the morning, see it as a reset. It doesn't matter what time you wake up just start your routine from there, as the body heals and digests over night the body will be 'clean' (ish) by the morning.

First thing, drink hot/warm lemon water when you wake up, before you eat. Squeeze half or a full lemon and top up with hot water from the kettle, top up with cold water so it's easy to drink! We normally do half a mug so it's like a shot and drink it in one go (I know, party animals!).

If you can leave 30 minutes before eating, you could brush your teeth, shower etc, do the school run and then it's time to eat. The lemon balances the Ph of the stomach giving it a happy playground for digesting food.

For your porridge:

Porridge oats 1/2 cup

Water 1 cup

Maca powder x2 tsp

Tremmella powder x2 tsp

Banana x1

Ground Flax seed x2 tsp

Agave nectar 1 squeeze

Chia seeds (for sprinkles!)

Porridge is simple and it's our go to ever single day, sometimes the boys have raw porridge with water and raisins but I like something warm in the morning!

All you need to do is cook your porridge in your portion, take note we use water and not milk. While the porridge is cooking mix in one banana sliced, it will melt and is soooo good! Add the powders and stir through thoroughly, you can squeeze the agave into the mix or add it after, it's up to you.

As a treat you can add extra blueberries, it's also amazing with a blob of jam but be mindful of the 'sweet' intake here, simple sweetness from the fruit can be enough.

It's that easy! It's full of goodness and can be perfect for any time of year, I'm eating right now as we speak!

Have a lovely day,

V x


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