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Vipassana Update - Classes running as normal!

Hello friends,

You have all been so patient awaiting the updates for my Vipassana confirmation for the 11th, and well, Im letting you know I have made the decision not to go. I still have not had any confirmation even though I have confirmed my place on the waiting list twice. It really is a case of someone dropping out last minute for me to go which is understandable. As there are only 4 days before the course starts I have found myself getting really worked up and anxious that they could email Tuesday with a place for me. I have mentally gave myself a cut off point in which I could have prepared for it, but Ive gone past that mental date. I have to be organised well in advance (also when it falls on Gus's week) as I like to feel grounded and really for these sorts of things, especially when Ive been through a month of social anxiety its taught me to slow down and honour what Im feeling.

So Im feeling, Im respecting my personal choice, I accept that this time isn't the right time.

This will be the second time of not quite getting there but will be applying for another course, so Im trusting that it will be my third time lucky.

This means that classes are running as normal and it will be wonderful to see you all and meet all the new faces throughout January, the workshops that were rescheduled to the end of the month will be staying on these dates. Bookings are filling up fast for them so be sure to get booked in for these special events! I MAY book off Monday 16th (my two classes in the afternoon).

Thank you for your understanding, love, support and patience.

Ill see you on the mat Monday!

V x



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