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We all have to start somewhere

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Starting yoga

Being a beginner at something can be daunting, It can bring up memories of childhood, school days when we feel apprehension towards starting something new. I was a shy child, ridiculously shy that it stopped me from trying new things, I liked doing my own thing and often played alone, I liked my own company and my own comfort zones, not a lot has changed! But what has changed is Im still that wild child inside but Im a little more open to the experiences of life.

Is this something that can be learned? I believe we can achieve anything we put our mind too, I also feel that with experience its easy to notice how much the mind can talk us out of something, even positive experiences... our mind starts to linger, chatter in the background and suddenly you find yourself walking away from that bungie jump.

Starting is everything, even if we fail, fall, are rubbish, at least we can know that we gave it a good go.

Starting a yoga practice can bring up all sorts of emotions, questions and wandering thoughts..."what If I look stupid?", "I cant touch my toes!", "What if I fall asleep"... "I cant balance", "I don't know how to turn my brain off"... these are a few things that I BET have popped into your head...but it's all part of the process we go through when trying ANYTHING we know nothing about.

Just to clear up the questions above...


You wont look stupid in yoga, sure it might highlight our ego or/and insecurities, but what we notice after the first few classes is that everyone in the class is unique, beautifully individual and on their own journey. We all have our own reasons for practicing, it could be based just on the physical benefits, some people attend for mental clarity and to de-stress, some people want to connect to themselves after experiencing trauma, anxiety or depression, whatever the reasons we are there for what we can all collectively take from the sessions is compassion towards ourselves and others, respect and acceptance that shines from being human. We honour our weaknesses, strengths and we show up on the mat. Thats all that matters.


You don't need to touch your toes to do yoga, that the whole point of starting it. You do not need to be flexible to do yoga, it's something you learn along the way. Some poses we can do, some poses we cant and thats okay! Over time we learn that it's much more than the postures and it's the process of getting into the posture that teaches us the lessons.


Falling asleep is normal and being honest with you it puts a smile on my face when I hear people snoring at the end of class, or they don't move when its time for us to leave the studio. Sometimes we can find it SO hard to switch off, the mind cant rest, the moment we close our eyes suddenly we are drowned with thoughts coming in thick and fast, it's all just too much. But then as soon as we start to get into the practice we start to mellow, time slows down and by the end of the class we feel a lot calmer, well rested and are ready to relax. So if you are fighting the 'I cant fall asleep' thoughts at the end of practice don't fight them, welcome them in as your body and mind might really need it. Do you really think Id close up shop and leave you locked in the studio for the night?!


Having no balance and feeling like Bambi within class is normal, this is part of the journey of yoga! If we could all balance on one leg, arms in prayer, without falling over, for 5 minutes what would we be learning? Postures aren't put out there to be achieved we learn all the lessons along the way. Balances in particular work with the mind, they are supposed to challenge you, this is where we build focus, clarity of mind and discipline. So next time you're in a balance and you feel like giving up, take your time and try again. Thats one of the biggest lessons we can learn, the willingness to try.


I think this is probably one of the biggest hurdles we think about when we want to start a yoga or meditation practice. Im here to whisper in that mind of yours that meditation and yoga are not teaching you to empty your brain, forget stuff, be empty, have no thoughts. Yoga and meditation teach us the tools to watch the mind and become more observant of the thoughts moving around, emotions, reactions, real life and fantasy. The mind can become the ruler of our lives and manipulate and create any scenario, reaction and can make us feel like we are living in a situation that isn't real. Yoga and meditation teaches us to become more present within the here and now, using mindfulness techniques to focus our attention, breathing techniques to calm the body and mind, postures to stretch and release physical tension and discomfort, guided meditation to relax each part of the body. It truly is amazing that with a little practice we can become more body and mind aware, we can learn to float through situations rather than reacting like a fire cracker, we can watch the mind like an inner room mate and choose what we want to respond to, whats real and what isn't.

So with these questions covered and after reading the answers, how do you feel now? A little lighter that its okay to ponder all these things! I think when we have a little more information and knowledge we naturally build confidence with the new thing we are partaking in, whatever it might be. Thats the amazing thing about starting any journey, you can watch the mind ask questions, you can explore and be open to all possible answers, enjoy making your own decisions and choices in what you want to explore. I think one of the nicest things we can do from childhood to adulthood is be curious.

You can start anything, you just have to try. As mentioned above its okay if we fall, we fail, we feel silly, but know that you are a stronger person because you gave it a go!

Stay curious,

V x


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