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2023 Earth Yoga Retreat

Who's ready to indulge in a weekend of self care, reconnection and harmony. The Earth retreat is designed in a way that inspires us to slow down, to nurture and to truly take time out. Its local to Worcestershire and is in the perfect hidden spot, close to human civilisation but hidden in a space you wouldn't know you were down the road from home.

This years Earth Retreat is being held at the end of June, and what an incredible weekend it will be, this years gathering will be stripped right back and will be held in the arms of Victoria with a few guest teachers. We will be hosting beautiful yoga immersions into movement, music, dance, sound healing, foraging, painting and many other modalities of mindfulness.

This is a time to breathe in deep the fresh air, listen to the bird song and sit by the open fire with homemade hearty foods. To become a part of a close knit family of friends within the space of a few hours, the experiences will hold you exactly as you are and will have a lasting effect on how you navigate through life. Come and release, unwind, nourish your soul with like minded souls. A three day retreat dreamed up and created by Victoria.

Those who sign up to the mailing list for the retreat before 28th Feb will get a special offer so be sure to sign up and check your mail boxes the following week. Last years retreat was so special and I cannot wait to share this years with you! I will only be running ONE in June, I have decided to move away from the September date and focus on one day retreats through late August/Sept instead. I have to nurture my time and what Im offering as my mantra is to do less with more love and potency, Im feeling into my heart and aligning what its saying.

30th June -2nd July 2023 Early bird - £300 per person (Early bird ends Feb 2023). Open to all, adults only.


Come and sit underneath the starry sky, come and sing around the fire, come and sleep in cosy yurts with log burners, come and find yourself. You are held.

V x


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