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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Whos up for a yoga challenge?!

For 2024 I'll be sharing a 30 day yoga challenge! It only seems right to step into a New Year with a little bit of yoga each day, enjoy posture breakdowns and create a little more knowledge of the yoga postures. Let each day be a go to, to help you move your body, gain strength, more body awareness and become a part of the Wildlove Community where we support and praise each other for this lovely journey of yoga. Whereever you may be in your practice, it's all progress, don't worry about doing to much or too little, showing up on your mat each day is enough. I would love us to all connect, share and inspire others to try yoga. Im offering a Wildlove gift box, tote bag or mindful meditation book for lucky winners who practice every day!

What do you need to do?

Each day you'll have a new pose to explore, enjoy practicing it, making it your own and when you're ready take a photo and share!

Share your daily photo on facebook/instagram and tag me @wildlove_yoga #wildlove30days #yogachallenge if you don't tag me/hashtag I wont see it so please do make sure you do!

+ This challenge is open to EVERYONE, all levels and abilities.

+ Layers and modifications are always given.

+ Enjoy sharing with the yoga community.

+ Take your time, don't push your body and enjoy building a deeper connection to your body and mind!

If you have done previous challenges this is a great way to see your progress and honour your personal practice! It's all about acceptance and recognising the tides of life!

Have fun and good luck!

Lots of love,

V x



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