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Last spaces for Comfort & Calm


Tomorrows session we work with the energies connecting us to Taurus & Earth, celebrating love, the senses and beauty.

This session is created to nurture each participant on an individual level. Enjoy a 90 minute practice encompassing the astrological & lunar energies for this time of year, rebalancing yoga practices working with the elements and philosophies of the planets and a sound journey with crystal chalices to relax tension within the body & mind. As you rest you will receive hands on to soothe the shoulders and decompress tension in the head, unwind with a head massage as essential oil scents wisp around your body. A sound journey with guided shamanic & priestess healing will reignite and reconnect you to your body and higher self, nature & the cosmos.

Enjoy astrology & moon guidance to support your wellbeing at the given time of year. We want to create a cocoon of safety, rest & allow each participant to show up as they are. Find comfort with being human and surrender into the support of both Victoria & Rebecca.

MONTHLY SUNDAYS - 1.30-3.00pm

£22.22 Wyre Forest Visitors Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL Limited group numbers for immersive practice with personal touches.

Upcoming sessions 2024

Sunday 5th May 1.30-3.00pm

+ Be soothed by nature and admire the changing seasons at the Wyre Forest Visitors Centre. + Enjoy yoga supported by cushions, blankets & hands on reassurance. + Learn more about how to support your mental wellbeing with astrology & moon phases. + Relax with soothing sounds to recalibrate the body & mind on a deep level. + Open to all levels ages 16+, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome, modifications and optional adaptions are gently given within the session. + Please bring a yoga mat, blankets, cushions and wear comfortable warm clothing.

It will be beautiful to guide you.

V & R x


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