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Thank you for sharing space.

Wow!!!! What a wholesome bank holiday weekend! I have been busy Saturday to Monday sharing my offerings in one form or another!

Saturday was Rebecca's Well Wishing Wellbeing Fayre, a lovely half day wellbeing event that had stalls from different sellers with their homemade wares. I took my handmade jewellery and had lovely feedback, sold some gorgeous pieces (that I'm already missing!).

Rebecca hosted a lovely day and despite the footfall being quite it gave everyone there chance to talk, catch up and connect. Definitely one of the benefits of these wellbeing events is the chance to meet like minded people, relax in the space and ponder alternative gifts that can spark your journey of spirituality and self care!

Sunday I shared 3 workshops, Self care sunday (photo above) we enjoyed mindfulness practices, yoga and tea making. They're always such special sessions and this one was lovely to strip the 'loud' layers of life back to simplicity, helping participants to reconnect to their senses, what they could see, hear, smell and taste. We have an opportunity each day to be more mindful, but sometimes life is moving so fast we miss the point!

Comfort & calm we explored the energy of Taurus, replanting ourselves back into our sense of self, working through yoga and sound to ground, earth and slow down to nurture how we are internally feeling. If you attended you will remember our wonderful wrapping with the blanket, if you didn't, wrapping the head with a hat, or scarf in a hood like shape can help to soothe a busy mind. I also placed my hands on feet, heavy, leaning and gently pressing towards K1. To help us ground this season spending time outside more often, bare foot if you can! Yoga poses that work with the feet, legs & hips can help us feel more connected to earth and our feelings of safety, security and 'home'.

The forest sound bath session was amazing as always!!! The backdrop of the birdsong lets the mind already drift into a headspace that is calm and present. I enjoyed playing my crystal bowls quieter than normal, weaving my voice in and finding small pockets of silence. The feedback after sessions is always amazing and I'm so grateful that so many of you are benefitting from the sessions I share. I hope to see you next month for more sound healing magic!

Monday I shared a sound bath at The Commandery - Worcester! I felt honoured to have been asked by the organisers of their wellbeing day to share a sound bath in the great hall at the end of the day, the space is full of history and character and was the perfect space to let everyone rest and unwind after their day. Im sure ill be sharing more here in the future and it would be lovely to hear your feedback if you attended!

As well as a full weekend I'm moving through my week with a spring in my step! I'll be sharing my classes Monday-Friday as normal at the Wyre Forest Leisure centre, remember you can drop in anytime and don't need to be a member to attend a class, it would be lovely to see you soon!

I feel so grateful to share my guidance with you, your smiles, laughter, slumbers, tears and feedback are so beautiful, thank you for attending a session, thank you for your love and support, it means the world!!

How has your weekend been? What are you looking forward to this month?

Thank you for being here,

V x


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