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To weave your way through a yoga sequence or take time to sit within a posture allows us to take a closer look at ourselves, a flowing practice can offer us a chance to let the mind and imagination thrive, we glow, we embrace the freedom that comes with the space we take up. Poses that require an extended period of time make us sit within the small details we often miss because we are moving, sometimes moving so fast we miss the point, this can relate to anything in life, fast paced living, fast conversations, quick deadlines, the numerous things we are doing all at the same time. When we pause sometimes that messiness takes over, we don’t know how to switch off or relax. What both of these yoga explorations teach us is that the breath is the foundation, the breath brings us back to ourselves, the breath allows us to be present again, where ever we are, whatever our mind is doing. We are here.

Notice what you’re drawn towards, notice what you’re adverse to trying, we need both to create balance. But what you will find is, the more curious you can be, you will grow tenfold.


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