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Be yourself.

Be yourself.

Show up, every day. This is what this past year has taught me and I just wanted to give you all the biggest virtual hug for allowing me to show up exactly as I am, no frills, no hiding, accepting me exactly as I am. This week marks the end of a years teaching online and it’s been an incredible experience, it’s been up, down, slow, fast, mindful, calm, connected a huge evolution into my learning. This year has been a personal experience for each and everyone us, there is no comparison (and nor should there be) to each other’s flow of life. Honour what it has taught you, every single moment along the way.

It’s has allowed me to deeply immerse myself into the concept of time (or no time) as I like to live by, I rebel against routine and scheduling so living on my own watch has been profound, and I know that even as I step back into the ‘real world’ next week the time I have with myself, my son, my partner, my family and friends will never be taken for granted, they will have my undivided attention from breath to breath, conversations, play and laughter. We all must create a life and work divide and if we can’t we need to find that discipline to commit to both with patience and honesty. I think for us all this year has made us reevaluate what is important, that true sense of timing, doing what you need to do and also noticing things you can live without, you may have even caught yourself previously filling your time with pointless stuff. I haven’t visited a ‘shop’ for a year, I’ve been to the supermarket and brought essentials, I haven’t wasted my time or money on things I don’t need. This is something that will continue..

I have sold most of my possessions as lockdown highlighted the things that are necessary and the things that aren’t, let go, pass down, recycle or sell. Simplicity is so freeing.

From this moment as we draw towards the end of the week, think about what you could maybe let go of to clear space within your home, your body and your mind. Meditate, deep clean the house, eat well.

Each day you can become a better version of yourself. Thank you for giving me space to grow.


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