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Comfort & Calm - A Unique Collaboration.

Hello lovely ones!

You may have seen the Comfort & calm workshop on the website and want to know a little more about what we offer, we are Victoria from Wildlove Yoga & Rebecca from Well Wishing Wellbeing, we share wholesome collaboration workshops bringing together yoga, astrology & sound. One of a kind sessions unlike any other that inspire your self care journey, uplift and help you to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

What's so magic about these two friends is their teachings, coming from very different backgrounds in wellbeing and yoga philosophy you'll find that what they offer is unique and supportive of each other. Victoria shares from the realms of traditional yoga philosophy, massage, sound healing and inspirations from eastern teachings of TCM and Tantric philosophy. Rebecca shares from a life of astrology, occupational therapy, priestess qualifications and holding womens circles creating nourishing environments to support others. They are a beautiful duo that when together create something very special.

If you would like to join a session with Victoria & Rebecca you would be welcomed with open arms, please feel free to visit the classes page for upcoming sessions or get in touch with either of them for more information on what they offer!

All our love,

V & R


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