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Day 28 - Pigeon Pose

Updated: Jan 29

Day 28 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

One of my all time favourite postures is pigeon pose, or half pigeon pose as we are exploring here. It's a deep release for the outer hip and one of the best stretches for the glutes.

Pigeon Pose - Ardha Kapotasana

  1. Starting in a table top position slide the right knee towards the right wrist, then guide the right foot across to the left edge of the mat. This movement of the foot moving across creates the rotation within the hip so don't be forceful AND take care with your knee. I've said a few times before to move the leg as a 'whole' rather than forcing the knee.

  2. Once the right foot meets the right edge of the mat, slide your left foot and leg backwards to lengthen the thigh. You can now place a pillow, bolster or block under the right outer hip if you still have height within the pelvis away from the floor.

  3. Relax the upper body down and forwards and find a suitable variation that you can maintain, this pose accessed with the elements of yin (stillness, time, support) will really help you get the benefit.

  4. Rest, breathe and enjoy the sensations!

  5. If you find the pose to invasive within the first variation I have mentioned a nicer and even more accessible variation is reclined (another great one for Yin lovers!)

  6. Reclined, we lie down with the knees bent and cross the right ankle over the top of the left knee.

  7. Thread the hands through and under the left knee and guide both legs into the chest. With this hugging action it will highlight the SAME target area as the first variation.

  8. We can also explore this posture seated which is nice to bring into a flow practice or just release the hip if you're short on time, follow the same guidelines as above in seated! And it's even more amazing if you're sat in a chair!

+ Stretches the outer hips & glutes.

+ Opens the hips and increases range of movement

+ Stimulates the core

+ Releases lower back

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