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December Newsletter, Class Updates, Holiday & Christmas Gifts.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

December has arrived!

How are we all navigating the beginning of this new month? How do you feel? I feel it's so apparent how fast time has flown by since 'lockdown life'. The fast pace of life has returned, the demands and deadlines, it might feel like you're constantly playing catch up. If you're feeling resistant to be busy this time of year, you're not the only one. I personally find December & Christmas overwhelming and really do my best to slow right down, to get myself organised and to not over exert myself. Remember you can do this too.

Below you can find this months news, upcoming events, what Ive been listening to and a blog post to keep you inspired.

Whats happening in December?

Im mindfully moving through December and have now finished sharing my workshops for the year. I have so much in the pipeline for next year and Im truly settling into my mantra that I started 6 months ago, where Im offering less, but with more potency. You'll be able to join me for 3 workshops on a monthly basis. So I can share all of them on one weekend a month, be with Gus when I have him on two weekends and then can get away with Will on the other. I have taught non stop since lockdown first started and in the new year Im creating more balance where I can offer wholeheartedly and honour my self care time and my own personal practices. As many of you know, I truly do practice what I preach!

Holiday Dates:

Tuesday 6th Dec

Wednesday 7th Dec

Thursday 8th Dec

Tuesday 27th Dec

January 11-22nd

Studio classes on these days will be virtual or covered, please contact the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre for any information, Im not in charge of organising cover etc. My Yin & Myofascial/Yoga Nidra classes at Church House will not be running on the 6th December. The next practices will be on the 20th December until the new year.



Ive finished teaching workshops for the year now but I will continue to teach my studio classes in the run up to Christmas & keep in touch with any changes or holidays closer to the time. January I have lovely workshops planned but also a Vipassana (10 day silent meditation retreat) awaiting my approval. If I get onto the Vipassana course I will not be running workshops between 11th-21st Dec, below you can find the NEW DATES which I will be updating shortly, if you have already booked on and cant make the new date please get in touch and we can reschedule or refund your place.


Sat Jan 28th - 11.00-1.00pm Manifestation Workshop - New Year, New You

Jan 29th - 11.00-1.00pm Self Care Sunday in the Forest NEW CLASS

Jan 29th - 6.00-8.00pm Monthly Deep Rest Yoga & Sound bath

Its coincidence but the 29th Jan is my birthday and I guess it makes sense to begin the new years workshops on this weekend, I believe that everything happens at exactly the right time it should, so Ill be blessed to see you on these dates if you should choose to join me!

You can find each individual workshop details and booking information on the workshop page, I have very special practices planned next year and a brand new location (which is by far the best) to share with you. You will be invited to join me for very special Self Care Sunday practices.


December Reading - Pranayama, Let's Breathe.

Pranayama plays a wonderful role within a yoga practice which is sometimes not often explored as much as it should be. As we start a yoga practice we start by tuning into the breath, the sound, the sensation and just with this little inclination we allow ourselves to breathe a little deeper.

Our breath, the very thing that keeps us alive, the most beautiful thing that is there without any thought, just like the waves of the ocean, automated, in and out, always there.

As we use our yoga practice to physically stretch, strengthen and mobilise the body we too can use the breath to create space, calmness and clarity. You'll find within every single one of the classes you attend with myself (and many other teachers) you will notice how the breath comes first, it initiates a movement, and moves you from one place to the next.

Within a posture especially within a Yin practice we use the breath to relax the body, we allow it to settle without tension or force. As the body begins to relax we notice if we deepen the breath it may highlight areas of restriction, a wonderful reminder how much tension we have been holding onto without knowing or that our breath is continuously compromised by movement and stress, physical or emotional...



This years Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath sessions have been so incredibly special, and the space of Areley Kings Village Hall is warm, cosy and large enough for us to all rest and relax together. It's been beautiful to lead these sessions and meet so many of you and Im very excited to share them with you in the new year.

I created this session as I feel its the perfect opportunity to rest and recalibrate at the end of the week, I also feel its the perfect place to restart, allowing us to wipe the slate clean so we can step into a new week with more clarity and awareness. Yoga & Sound Baths are the most beautiful combination, we move and stretch the body to release aches and pains and bring about a deeper connection to the body, we then enjoy a guided meditation to in-still rest and relaxation. The last part of the practice is a cosy relaxation accompanied by singing bowls and other instruments which allow the mind and body to release tension and stress on a cellular level. So if you're in need of a deep rest, time out and the body yearns for some quiet time this session is for you!

This practice is open to all levels, no experience is necessary and you certainly don't need to know anything about yoga! Just come and relax with soft intuitive movements.

Booking is essential as they fill up quickly.

If you would like to know more about a sound bath heres a recent blog post:


This months listening - Spotify Favourites.

Heres what Ive been listening to this month, and if you have attended classes these past few weeks you will probably recognise them too! I have so many compliments on the playlists I make and it only seems right to share them with you to enjoy while you're at home, driving or even practicing yoga!

Winter Softness -

Autumn Flow -


Christmas Gifts & Wildlove Jewellery

I have 3 bolsters left up for grabs, x8 jelly knee pads and 6 yoga mats. If you would like any of these yoga props for Christmas gifts you can purchase in the shop and pick up in class. I am also taking in any orders for Christmas jewellery where I can custom make necklaces, earrings and bracelets so if you have anything in mind just drop me an email! You can also purchase gift cards from the website which are lovely gifts and encourage a friend or family member to enjoy the benefits of yoga and the wellbeing world.


Lastly I want to thank each and everyone of you for being here, for connecting with you, for reading, for listening, for moving with me, for laughing, for sharing and for being a part of the Wildlove family. These past few weeks have been hard for me mentally & emotionally due to emotional stress with you know, being human. If you have attended classes I would have spoke about it, the true guru way, that our connection is pasted down verbally, sometimes without words. Allow my connection to you to be a reminder that you can be beautifully human anytime and that when you attend my classes you are accepted and held just as you are.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support,

You are loved,

V x


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