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Full Moon Healing Fire

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Lunar is making her way into the sign of fire that is Aries and will be in prime position to shine her full light through the cosmos at 10.05pm UK time on Thursday 1st October 2020. This full Moon is known as the Harvest moon. Although slightly late this year the Harvest moon is our opportunity to gather what we have created this year from the seeds we planted at Imbolc (February). What has grown for you? What have you created during these very challenging times? In all the madness it's important to think about the positive things that have made there way into our lives despite the challenges we have all faced. Its also important to think about what hasn't come to fruition so that we can release it. We all know that Lunar's full light is a time to let go of what no longer serves and celebrate what matters most. Her light will illuminate the dark and thats definitely what we need right now.

In Aries, Lunar's light takes us back to our identity and our need to be independent, driven and motivated to succeed. But we need to be mindful, particularly with Mars still retrograding in her sign of Aries. Tension is high and there is a tendency for impulsivity and irritation that still surrounds us right now. Lady Lunar at 4 degrees Aries will take her seat next to Chiron at 7 degrees Aries, and has the power to ignite deep emotional soul healing during this time. Chiron is the Shamanka of the skys and calls us to recognise our deepest soul wounds in order for us to heal. The magic of this full moon will lead us back to our own personal power and request us to rise up to our own truths.

Sol remains in opposition in the karmic scales of Libra and gently encourages us to find compromise, working together to create harmony and light. So how can you use your inner fire to serve the collective rather than fight the battle alone? How can you find equilibrium and balance between standing in your own truth whilst still supporting those to follow their path of truth, even if it is different to yours?

The powers of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still remain in the sign of Capricorn and currently square Mars in Aries during Lunar's full light. We already know this is a challenging time and still need to be prepared for further frustation and aggitation durng these tricky aspects. Pluto has now stationed direct and takes us deep within ourselves to find the hidden fears that we can draw out ready to release in the light of Lunar's love. But beware Mercury sitting in Scorpio as she is already in her retrograde shadow and is prepared to show us some of what has been hidden beneath the surface.

Take this full moon as a time for healing allowing yourself to release dark wounds that have been trapped within.

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Take this opportunity to release what you no longer need through the element of fire around the time of this full Lunar light. You can either do this practice outdoors or inside with good ventilation and a fire proof container. Take a moment to breathe and feel into your heart space to connect to  what needs healing and what is holding you back right now. Write down any words or thoughts that come to you and then place the paper into the flames allowing it to burn away into the ashes. Be with the flames and sense a feeling a lightness as each of the thoughts disappear into the ether. freeing up space in your heart and your mind and releasing any anger or negativity. Following this practice replace those wounds with gratitude as if you are putting on a plaster to help you heal.

For a deeper connection to the stella stars and full moon energies feel free to join us in our Well Wishing Womens Circle this Sunday 4th Oct at 8.00pm (Please contact me for details, you will be warmly welcome).

I am also looking forward to sharing my latest offering with you later this week. I am finally stepping into my Star Priestess self and will be beginning my Stella Star Story Medicine readings. More details to be revealed.....

I am wishing you all well at this full Lunar light in Aries.

Blessings of the stella stars

Rebecca Yoga Fae Priestess xxx

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Thank you Rebecca I thought it was full moon tonight it's so bright 🙏🏼🕉️🌚

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