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Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer sunshine and an intense heat can either uplift us into energetic happy beings or it can feel like we want to lie in a cold room undisturbed until autumn. What ever the weather brings us its important to adapt our daily routine & yoga practice to suit our needs. Summer increases the fire element within us, it also can push Pitta dominant dosha's out of balance. (Currently writing a Dosha blog post!). Observe if you're a busy body and notice if your energy levels are depleted with the hot weather, in summer we all need to learn to slow down, to breathe a little deeper and to intentionally create a cool body and state of mind.

+ Eat well

You'll notice that your appetite may change in summer, or you have less of an appetite! We have been making so many salads (recipes in the process of being shared!). It feels good to enjoy cooling foods to keep us topped up with goodness. With the warmth of the weather it increases our metabolism so you may notice you're less full and don't really have a craving for big meals. Grab the fruit and vegetables, nuts and pulses for your snacks rather than the sugary or salty options.

+ Stay Hydrated

Sipping water throughout the day can help keep you hydrated, you'll notice we loose a lot of water through sweat and it needs to be replenished. Try sticking to water or add your own fruits to liven it up!

+ Time to make smoothies!

Smoothies are an amazing way of getting all of our nutrients, vitamins and protein, especially when you aren't really that hungry. Fruit smoothies are a great sweet treat for the kids and can even be frozen into ice lollies! Try banana & peanut butter, mango & passion fruit, beetroot and apple!

+ Slow down

Not only do we need to adapt our yoga practice but we should slow down our day to day activities too! Rather than rushing around give yourself extra time in the morning to get ready or make a list of to do tasks, whats important, what can wait.

+ Nature spots with water

My absolute favourite thing to do is walk by water spots, a coastal path, a river walk or just sitting next to a lovely lake. Water is so calming for our bodies and minds so make the most of it while its hot! Why not take your shoes off and dip your toes?

+ Incorporate more breathing exercises

Each day we breathe, sometimes it is calm, sometimes it is compromised, one of the greatest ways of keeping calm is by simply breathing! Try a breathing technique called Sheetkari Pranayama, it cools the body by filtering in the air through the teeth and creates moisture within the mouth. (Video coming soon!)

+ Slow Yoga

There are slow yoga practices out there and you will find your yoga teacher will adapt practices to suit external elements, in summer we slow down, you may practice more Yin and in winter we warm things up a little with slow and strong movements or fast flows! Take your time when moving, as the body is already warm its a lot easier to over exert and become tired quickly in summer heat. Find a pace that suits and move your body as if you were dancing through the air. Yin yoga can also be the best GO TO in summer as it balances the body by keeping still, you're resting in the poses and your body temperature drops.

+ Yoga poses to keep cool

Childs Pose

Seated Forward Fold

Seated Side bend

Wide Leg forward fold

Tree Pose

Butterfly pose

Sleeping pose

Happy baby pose

Side Squat

Puppy Pose

Legs up the Wall - Seriously good in summer.


I would love to hear what you're doing to keep cool this summer! Go gently, slow down and breathe!

V x



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