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LAST CHANCE! This weekends workshops.


Here are the upcoming events for this month and they’re sooner rather than later, so soon they are THIS WEEKEND!

I see these workshops at the perfect reset after the school holidays, so get booked on asap for that refresh to get you back on track. They are beautiful cosy practices that really help us to create more of a self care routine in our day to day, they are going to be incredibly soothing for the nervous system and the perfect reset as we move towards the last half of the year. Enjoy a mix of my offerings all rolled into these specific sessions, you will soon fall in love with yoga and may it be a welcome place that always helps you to find balance.​

Saturday 9th Sept -

Inner Beauty Workshop - Face Massage & Natural Skin Health

11.00-1.00pm The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster.

£22 per person

Saturday 9th Sept -

Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

6.00-8.00pm Arley Memorial Hall, Bewdley.

£23 per person

Sunday 10th Sept -

Self Care Sunday in the Forest

11.00-1.00pm Wyre Forest Discovery Centre

£22 per person

Sunday 10th Sept - Sunday Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath

6.00-8.00pm Areley Kings Village Hall

£23 per person

All workshops are deeper immersions with more of a personal touch, they really give you an opportunity to delve into the realms of self care and personal development. You don’t need any experience, you don’t need to do yoga, you just need a little spark of curiosity that wants to help you better yourself, improve your health and wellbeing, to gain a clearer mind and to live a more fulfilling life. I promise you wont be disappointed, and maybe, just maybe, after coming to one you may feel so much better within yourself.

You can find each individual workshop details and booking information on the classes & workshops page, if you have any questions or worries please feel free to get in touch.



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