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Hello and happy Sunday!

You may have noticed a 'Group' tab appear on the website and if you're already a member of the website you will have been invited to join the group.

I wanted to create a group on the website for us all to stay connected in one place. With so many of us linked to many social accounts we can sometimes get lost in the midst of it all and loose touch with the things that keep us inspired. Here within the Wildlove Community group you will find everything in one place, your practice, your input and you will be connected to people purely connected to Wildlove Yoga!

Member sign up is FREE!

As a member you can enjoy a little more content, the last 30 day yoga challenge you enjoyed daily videos that helped break down postures to inspire a more consistent practice.

I'll be sharing free short meditations in the group, daily affirmations, questions and answers and would love you to use this space to connect with everyone. I also thought it would be nice to share things that inspire us, like books that we have found helpful and even yoga 'things' we may be willing to sell on or recycle to others.

Let's build a true community!

As a member you can log into your account where you can view all your bookings, your packages, your interactions and have easy access to booking classes on the go.

You can easily cancel & reschedule classes, get first hand updates via the app and can enjoy special offers, badges and keep up to date on news.

What do I do?

Open the website in your browser, click the icon in the top left corner of the home page. Sign up! No fees, no strings attached. Just an easier way for you to keep in touch and inspired.

You can join me on the WIX app too! Simply follow this link:

Already got the app?

Use the invite code: T1HFDR

If you have any questions or need any help with the group, please get in touch!

V x


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