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Mindful Monday

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Mindful Monday

How you start your week is important, how you start your day even more so. Even if we are working on varying time differences, night shifts or don’t have a strict schedule be sure to honour your rest time, your productivity time, your meal time and your ‘you’ time. Mondays have always been one of my favourite days of the week, a time to renew and step into the week with new intentions.

Here are a few inspirations the you can carry through this week!

•Wake up earlier than normal, rather than rushing the moment you wake up, wake up slowly, even if it means setting an alarm earlier.

• Don’t look at your phone the moment you wake up, you have just awoken with a clear and calm mind, what you interact with first will fill your head! You can absorb way to much unwanted information within a few minutes!

• Hot lemon water upon waking before food is my go to, it’s flushes out the system, aids in elimination, helps cleanse the skin and internal organs and boosts immunity.

• Pace your day, make a list of priorities to do on that day, also give yourself a reminder that some things CAN wait.

• Eat your breakfast slowly without looking over emails or being on the phone again. Your body and mind will enjoy the food more when it’s not seen as a chore on autopilot.

• Smile! Smile to yourself, listen to some music, dance, have a wiggle while moving through your day!

I hope this inspires you today and you feel called to do it the rest of the week, just try it, you might see a difference in your mood and energy.


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