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Monday Yin class

A new weekly class to the online timetable, Mondays really do set up your week! Yin/Relaxation Yoga is one of the BEST yoga practices you’ll ever take part in. Within this class we use pillows, props and blankets to support and cocoon the body. We move through passive postures and hold them for a long period of time, as the body relaxes over a few minutes your muscles stretch and release without force or stress.

You will find by including more Yin into your life your body will relax quicker, your flexibility will increase quickly, your mind will become calmer and you’ll be ready for bed by the end of the session!

It’s one of my favourite classes and my absolute go to when I’m practicing at home, if you haven’t tried Yin now is the time! It’s a new year right? Try something new!

A class that is suitable for all levels, beginners to advanced, we stay on the mat seated or lying down, it’s not a vigorous continuous flow, we allow the body to move slowly and lazily into the postures, rather than moving quickly or forcefully, we place, we drape, we soften and we rest. Perfection!

V x


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