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Mondays Class Updates.

Hello my lovely ones,

I just wanted to extend an update about my Monday evening classes, as many of you know Ive had lots of waves and conflicts regarding Monday evenings and things haven't worked out the way I planned. Tonight was the first 'trail' night with Gus and being really honest with you, it hasn't worked and I knew it would be difficult. My priority is to mould my classes around being a mother, and being a 'biweekly' mom is tough on the old heart strings and my responsibility is to honour my time with my son and be the best teacher I can be, coming from a place of authenticity, honesty and 'practicing what I preach'.

After requesting to push the classes back to a later time and it not being possible I'm going to have to get rid of the 6pm class. I have felt overwhelmed with the concept of making something work, when I know its against me and just not in my capacity. The whole realm of yoga is to move through the waves, find what works, experience what doesn't and adapt.

So I'm adapting and know that with this honesty and clarity things will flow with ease.

Whats changing?

Not alot! The 7.00-8.00pm will continue as normal, Ive just changed the name so I can bring in elements of lots of lovely techniques and postures to make it a well rounded session for all that attend. Its winter so we will still be exploring gorgeous slow practices with Yin, mobility, supported poses & myofascial release will be making an appearance too!

Mondays class will be seasonal... so throughout the year as we experience changes in the outer world we can enjoy a tailored practice to support our inner world, our body, mind and wellbeing.

I hope you can still join me, thank you for your ongoing support & love.

V x

If you want to have more details on this newly updated Monday class you can see the write up here:


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