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NEW - December Rest Sound Bath

I feel very grateful to be sharing a sound bath session in Stourbridge on Monday19th December. I have been asked by the lovely owner of Stourbridge Pilates Rooms to run a deep relaxation sound bath session for her clients and we have opened the invite to you too!

This is an hours practice 8.00-9.00pm where you lie down, relax in cosy blankets and are soothed by sound. There is no physical practice within this session, I will however be guiding a gentle meditation to open the space.

Here are the details:

You are invited to this end of year deep relaxation sound bath session with Victoria Waits. You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation and calm with the live sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, Tibetan moon bowl and other wonderful soothing sounds. This practice offers an opportunity to rest and calm the body and mind. Allowing you to settle into the most beautiful space and find ultimate rest and deep healing.

Within this session you will be guided through a gentle meditation with accompanying live sounds which will then allow the mind to unravel into a dream-like state. Within these sessions you allow the body to heal on a cellular level, meaning the sound waves from the instruments work with the brain waves, moving through the layers of consciousness, when the body relaxes completely it can heal, when the Theta brainwaves are active the mind and emotional state can heal. If you are in need of a deep rest, time out, are a busy person with a busy mind, have difficulty sleeping, suffer from anxiety and stress or are interested in new ways to heal and promote self care you are welcomed with open arms.

Monday 19th December


£15 per person

Stourbridge Pilates Rooms

124 High Street, Stourbridge DY8 1DT

(Parking available on Tesco)

This class is NOT a physical practice. All participants will lie down wrapped in blankets, warm cosy layers and cushions and will be supported in the most comfortable cocoon. This is one of the most incredibly healing practices you will experience and will be the perfect antidote for a busy mind this December. Come and enjoy an hour to yourself, it's the greatest gift you can ever give yourself!

There are limited places within the studio so booking is essential.

This will be a lovely session that I am very excited to share with you, especially when I have finished my own workshops for the year, come and unwind and enjoy relaxation before the Christmas energy begins.

V x


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