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New - Soulful Saturdays!

You may have seen on the home page a new event appear! Im happy to say Im bringing back Saturday night Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath sessions back, this WONT be replacing the gorgeous Sunday evening sessions it will be alongside them!!

SO! From September you can all join me for the following:

Soulful Saturdays: Running monthly at Arley Memorial Hall

Self Care Sundays: Running monthly at the Wyre Forest Discovery Centre

Sleepy Sundays: Running monthly at Areley Kings Village Hall

These are all available to book now, there are limited spaces, which fill fast so book as soon as you can!


Soulful Saturday sessions run on a monthly basis starting Autumn 2023. As the weekend approaches we may feel the need to destress, unwind & get back into our body. Even if we don't have time to dedicate ourselves to a daily or even weekly practice of yoga or self care this once a month session will unravel, rebalance and help you feel whole again! Enjoy a mindful flowing yoga practice (that is suitable for absolutely everyone) where we enjoy moving the body through a sequence of yoga postures that aid flexibility, range of movement, strength & body awareness. Learn tools & techniques that you can apply in daily life, bringing a sense of interconnectedness, mindfulness and ease to daily tasks & interactions. Each month the practices and postures will be interweaved with a theme, whether this is inspired by the chakra system, a word, philosophy, human experience you'll enjoy a well rounded practice that will leave you feeling more connected to yourself. To second half of the practice all participants come into a deep rest, enjoy being wrapped in your blankets you will be guided to relaxation (& possibly sleep) with a beautiful sound bath. Let the mind unravel on a journey where you hear many different soundscapes that naturally put the body & brain into a sleep state. Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gong, chimes, voice, hand pan, drum are just a few of the instruments you will experience.



£20 per person +£3 booking fee

Arley Memorial Hall, Arley. - Ample parking, disabled access.

Upcoming Dates for 2023:

Saturday 9th Sept - 6.00-8.00pm

Saturday 9th Oct - 6.00-8.00pm

Saturday 18th Nov - 6.00-8.00pm

Saturday 2nd Dec - 6.00-8.00pm

Please bring your yoga mat. Please wear comfortable clothing which allows freedom of movement, layers to take off when warmed up and layers to put back on for warmth. Please bring pillows and thick blankets for the sound bath. Single duvets, sleeping bags, thick blankets, socks, pillows...(the more you have the better the relaxation!).

Benefits of this practice are:

+ A calmer and clearer mind.

+ Decreased stress levels.

+ Increased mobility & flexibility.

+ Improved posture.

+ Reduced stress & anxiety.

+ Increased lung capacity & circulation.

+ Improved cognition and body awareness.

+ Aids deep sleep.

Im looking forward to sharing with you over the next few months! If you have any questions regarding any of the studio classes or workshops please get in touch, Im here.

V x


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