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New Workshop! An Introduction To Yoga

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Where do we begin? Where do we start?! Yoga is known to be a journey to the self, through the self...

As September marks a new chapter in life, what with the children going back to school, Autumn starting to close in we may feel that it's time to start a new chapter in something new.

This September Im sharing an introduction to yoga workshop, perfect for beginners, the curious, the unsure and those who would like to know more about the world of yoga. This is open to absolutely everyone and perfect if you have no experience. I'll be covering a lot of ground with a brief history, what yoga is, how yoga benefits our body physically, the effects yoga has on the mind (HUGE!), different styles of yoga and how you can begin your yoga journey today.

+ Learn meditation techniques to calm a busy mind. + Enjoy philosophy to create more clarity within your life. + Become more familiar with postures and what they do. + Feel more confident with moving your body, in your unique way. + Meet like minded people starting out in yoga too! + A perfect opportunity to ask questions you may have.

Saturday 10th September 2.00-4.00pm The Oaks Community Hall, Kidderminster £10 per person

(Get 20% off evening workshop)

This workshop is open to all (ages 16+), we will be exploring simple yoga postures to move the body and become more aware of sensations within the body. We will also be sat while I talk about lots of wonderful facets of the yoga world.

I would love you to come along if you feel intrigued by yoga and are unsure of where to start! We are all beginners, all students and all teachers, don't ever forget that!

V x


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