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Self Care Sunday Workshop

Self care Sunday is on the horizon! This weekend Im sharing another beautiful practice within the forest space at the Wyre Forest. This space just fills my heart and with the flowers in full bloom and the sunshine out I know this is going to be a very magic session!

We are harnessing the energy of the sunshine through June, connecting to our fire centre (Solar plexus) which allows us to move forward in life, forwards in a way where we honour self belief, create clarity and spark our initiative. This energy centre is related to personal power, willingness and passion, the sunshine really does uplift our spirits and we can use it within our lives whenever we need to.

Self Care Sunday is a practice dedicated to bringing you back home to yourself. The perfect chance to reconnect back to your body and mind, all the while enjoying the most beautiful views while practicing. This session offers a combination of practices, and each month you can enjoy a different theme and intention. You can learning meditation techniques to calm a busy mind and enjoy varied yoga practices inspired by a whole array of wonderful intentions and philosophies. Sometimes we may journal, sometimes we may explore face yoga, self massage, myofascial release, EFT, sound healing and much more.

These Self Care Sunday sessions are a wholesome package that will leave you feeling grounded, at ease and beautiful from the inside out. Every time you come to practice you will take away a new technique that can inspire personal & spiritual growth. You will also receive a little homemade self care gift bag to take away to treat yourself when ever you feel like it.



£20 per person +£2 booking fee

Wyre Forest Visitors Centre, Callow Hill, Bewdley.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL (The space we are practicing in is just behind the visitors centre, walk past the toilets on the left and you'll see a wooden building, we are in there!) Car park fee is about £4, it is advised to arrive early as other events may be happening at the same time. You can also buy yearly carpark passes for unlimited visits and forest time.

+ Be soothed by nature and admire the changing seasons at the Wyre Forest Visitors Centre. + Enjoy different practices to soothe your body and mind, explore a variety of modalities to keep your self care routine fresh and unique to you.

+ Open to all levels ages 16+, no experience necessary, all abilities welcome, modifications and optional adaptions are gently given within the session.

+ Take away a homemade personal self care gift bag to keep you inspired for the rest of the month.

+ Bring blankets, cushions and wear comfortable warm clothing.

Let's enjoy creating a self care connection together.

V x



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