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Stepping Back To Find Yourself

That sense of freedom that comes when you let go. This morning I deleted my personal Facebook account, something that I have wanted to do for so many years but couldn’t because of my business page, but I found a way to keep my business page and delete my personal page, and already I feel lighter. The amount of information we consume on a day to day basis is immense, and overwhelming, as well as moving through ‘real life’ we find ourselves losing hours of our day in ‘virtual life’ so our brains are trying to figure out what’s real, what’s make believe and where we fit in with it all.

Instagram is nice, I feel it’s a platform that I inspires you, sure we are always fighting against the algorithms but you are in control, you can lead what you like and dislike. Whereas Facebook you can’t tell your aunt sally to stop moaning about the neighbours cat, you can’t avoid the negative rants, you can’t control what you are subjected to, I guess you could delete ain’t sally but that would be mean wouldn’t it?

At the end of the day it comes down to discipline, and with social media it’s a hard line to balance are you in control or is in controlling you? Yesterday me and my parents took the kids to a soft play centre and almost every parent had their phone in their hand, their children were watching for their eyes and human interaction, to feel joy to feel validation to be praised on the task they have just explored and conquered. But those children’s eyes were not met, not praised not even acknowledged, they were stuck scrolling on Facebook. I think within that moment it highlighted to me everything I already knew, so here I am. I refuse to be a person that life’s live with their head down, I acknowledge my child (and other peoples) for praise and guidance, I will give you the attention you deserve with complete awareness, I will not allow myself to be saturated with things that do not serve me, I will light a path that is in honour of what I want and need.

I hope this inspires you, I hope this allows honest reflection, I hope this gives you a little spark that makes you put your phone down more often.

Lift your eyes dear ones, life is right in front of you.

V x


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