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Thank you

Grateful for a connected weekend, it’s been such a beautiful weekend sharing four workshops! I am finally in bed & grateful to make Monday a day of stillness & silence for myself (I’ll break silence to teach my afternoon studio classes!). It’s been so lovely sharing so many different practices, techniques & connecting to all those that attended. To see your shoulders drop and your breath calm within the session is the most rewarding gift I could ever have, that you feel comfortable enough to surrender into yourself & the safe space I hold. Thank you all for being with me this weekend, it means a lot.

Sleep well beautiful ones ✨

If you joined me for the inner beauty workshop you will receive your write up by the end of the week! Don't forget to send me over your details for a personal face map for facial reflexology points! 🌿

DONT FORGET! I'm holding a very special sound bath session in the forest on the 23rd September, for the Autumn equinox. It's afternoon so a nice chance to wind down the day and celebrate a change in the season.

V x


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