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Time to rest.

Time to rest🤍

After what seems like the busiest week it’s now time for me to retreat into time and rest. I cannot stress making the priority of time top of your list, we often tell ourselves and others ‘I don’t have time’, by giving ourselves the restraints and taking away the freedom of fluidity we can often feel overwhelmed and down right hard on ourselves for not getting EVERYTHING done. Remind yourself there are 24 hours in a day, and the minutes and hours continue to roll by, only you are limiting your mind and body to a box. We all have responsibilities, we all have factors that pull our needs and attention, but you are pliable, your body and mind can adapt very quickly to experiences and order. Take time to prioritise your tasks, whats important, what’s not and what is your imagination creating for you. Don’t put something off until tomorrow, follow the task at hand through to the end, get it DONE. I promise you will feel SO good for being productive, organised and efficient. If you’re waiting on something else to get done so you can complete the task, get the other thing done! (Can you see how easy it can become a vicious cycle?) You’ll find that by completing something with your full awareness you will feel connected, you will gain the efficiency to move through day to day easier and will grace. Our minds can become muddled so easily so don’t add to that by putting your mind here, your paper work there and your responsibility on someone else. Upon teaching yourself to get s*#t done you create and open up MORE time in your day to do you. To take that deep breath, to go for a walk, to lie in bed with a book, to spend time playing with your children, to be creative, to bathe and self massage, to write, to meditate, to move your body, to kiss, to make love, to watch the moon, to stand in the rain, to be barefoot, to reconnect to the very world around you that seems to move to fast sometimes.

Notice how you put yourself here, there and everywhere, not even with your body, but with your mind. Allow yourself to draw inwards to your body and soul. What you need, what you want and everything you don’t.

Now go and get it done!


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