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Tonight’s free class rescheduled

Tonights free class - Rescheduled to next week!! 5th February.

I’m not well at all, I’ve caught a bad cold (or what Will had) over the weekend and feel so rubbish. I’m still in bed and will be here for 90% day. Today’s classes at the centre I will do, I can sit and teach and have the microphone. Tonight’s class I’ll have to shout, demonstrate and want to enjoy the full flow and shine in my 100% energy. As you know when I have a cold my face is extra bad from past surgeries compromising my sinuses (I have screws through them).

What a way to spend my birthday!

Sorry to let you all down but I’m practicing what I preach and need to rest as much as possible. Sorry for the disappointment & thank you for your understanding.

Yoga & colds don’t mix xxx



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