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Tuesdays Classes

Tuesdays you can enjoy two classes, both suitable for beginners and both giving you the benefit of a flexible body and mind!


Express Yoga is a 45 minute class that is perfect if you have limited time within the day, its also perfect timing for those working from home needing a good stretch out at lunchtime!

This class is gentle and perfect for beginners, mostly working through a floor based practice, we sit, we connect to the breath and we work through simple postures that can help ease physical tension and stress. You'll also find from just taking 45 minutes to move your body and tune in you will feel a lot clearer in your mind and ready to continue the day!

YANG & YIN YOGA 7.00-8.00pm

Yang & Yin Yoga is a half and half class. It's a well rounded practice where you get to enjoy a balance of strength and relaxation. The first half of the practice is a flow to build strength and increase the heart rate, the second half we explore supported postures to stretch and release the muscles, as they're nice and warm from the first half of the practice you will feel much more connected to resting! A class where you get everything you need all rolled into one. Open to all levels of practitioner, modifications and adaptations are shown and offered in every single class.

Find a comfortable space, roll out your mat and i'll see you soon!

V x



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