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UPDATE, NEW DAY, NEW VENUE! Flow & Yin Sessions.

Hey Wildlings!

Just an update regarding my biweekly Flow & Yin classes! I have decided to change location to a different venue, these classes will now be held at M&M Dance studios, 110 Bewdley Rd, Kidderminster DY11 6RX. If you know Kidderminster this is the gorgeous building that was the Registry Office back in the day! Its a beautiful space with all its original features and upon viewing I know it's perfect for these sessions. Because of the change in venue they will be running on a Monday evening instead of a Tuesday evening.

This space is bigger and will accommodate more students, so with this in mind I have reduced the price to £8.50. This will not change the class in anyway, it just opens it up to more to attend and enjoy the benefits of yoga (which I want everyone to enjoy!) I will still be doing personal hands on adjustments, essentials oil, guided relaxation with beautiful chimes and you will still get the best out of your practice, just a little closer to home & for a cheaper price!

FLOW YOGA - 6.00-7.00pm

This practice is a yoga flow session that is open to all levels with a more personal touch with hands on adjustments, personal modifications and an encouragement to do what you can. This class is designed to help you MOVE, enjoy moving and taking up space, enjoy feeling sensation within the body, enjoy breathing deeper and find confidence in yourself that you can be strong, you can feel challenge and you can find your own pathway (of movement & thought) through the magic of yoga. This is flow practice where we enjoy moving through a sequence of postures, we utilise the full length of the mat, working through standing postures, seated postures, balances and everything in between.

This class can help deepen your personal practice with hands on adjustments, clear & playful guidance and incredible playlists!

+ A continuous flow to build strength & flexibility.

+ Be guided through layered postures to suit your body & needs on that day.

+ Progress in practice with gentle hands on guidance. + Be soothed by a guided relaxation to close.

+ Enjoy practicing in a gorgeous historical building, full of character and plenty of room.

Bi-weekly Mondays 6.00-7.00pm

£8.50 per person

M&M dance studios, Kidderminster 110 Bewdley Rd, Kidderminster DY11 6RX (the old Registry Office)

(Free off road parking)

Please bring your yoga mat, cushion, blanket.

Booking is essential!

I wanted to offer a flow practice that aids mobility, strength and flexibility within the whole body, a chance to find more fluidity within our bodies and minds. We can become very rigid, not only with our thinking but also how we hold ourselves, a barrier or shell of protection which causes tightness not only across the chest but within the hips. Sound familiar? If we are living a stressful life, suffering emotionally and feel to busy to be with ourselves our bodies adapt to specific shapes, our range of movement becomes limited and our minds can become stuck or stagnant.

This is a practice that brings you back home, into your body. Enjoy movement, community & connection!


YIN YOGA 7.00-8.00pm

One of the most profound practices that will help you to release physical tension within the body, this is a low impact class where we use cushions, blocks & props to support the body in postures. We hold postures for an extended period of time, not only does this allow the body the stretch and release at its own pace it relaxes the mind too. Yin yoga is a slow, still & calm practice, you may practice between 5-7 postures in one class, the idea is to approach postures without the need for force or effort, where ever you feel a sensation of stretch, that is the posture, no more or less. It's a beautiful practice to help us come to terms with acceptance, patience, the ego and also teaches us to trust the process. It is one of the deepest yoga practices that increases flexibility like you would have never experienced, all the while approached in a kind & mindful way.

Bi weekly Mondays


£8.50 per person

M&M dance studios, Kidderminster 110 Bewdley Rd, Kidderminster DY11 6RX (the old Registry Office)

(Free off road parking)

+ Enjoy a slow practice working with the muscles, joints and connective tissues.

+ Yin yoga deeply stretches the whole body, increasing flexibility & improving range of movement.

+ Calms the nervous system.

+ Essential oils to calm the mind.

+ Gentle hands on guidance (optional).

+ Deep relaxation for restful sleep.

Our bodies hold tension, physically & emotionally. From the body holding its posture from day to day, injuries, imbalance, muscle weakness/tightness and habitual patterns we can feel achy, tired and sometime clunky in our bodies. After this practice you will feel open, soft, jelly like with a warm heart & calmer mind.

As you learn to release the physical body the mind relaxes too.


Classes are open to all levels, bring your yoga mat, cushions, blankets & blocks if you have some! It will be lovely to see you very soon,

Lots of love,

V x


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